About Us


We are the manufacturer of FELIX Breakers and KRONN Hammers. We are also the dealer of MONO Fence and Blue Diamond Attachments. We’re committed to provide assistance on every kind of construction equipment. As Azemo Equipment, we value keeping high amount of equipment in stock at all times, having parts availability at all costs and providing the best possible customer service.

We’re constructed by a fully educated team to understand your needs and suggest the most efficient equipment that is suitable for your machine. Getting you job done cost effectively and reliably is our main priority.

Azemo is the one stop shop for productive, cost-efficient and powerful attachments for your needs. Everything we do at Azemo Equipment starts with work hard mentality. It carries us through our thoughts, beliefs and actions every single day, inspire innovation in our products and services and drive our life-long commitment to excellence in all the things that we do. We believe that working hard reflects into long-term benefits for all our employees, customers, consumers, suppliers and shareholders.

Before going into the values and beliefs that we construct our business environments, two foundational points are incredibly important to point out.

Safety first.
Together we stand, divided we fall.

We always…

Compete to win

Creating the most competitive price plan

Making our products affordable

Helping immediately

Acting fast

Improve our products

Improving every small detail constantly

Bringing the best talent available to our engineering teams

Doings test and demos to be better every day

Value our customers’ opinions

Getting feedbacks all the time

Listening first, and helping fast

Being solution oriented

Work with the best partners

Trying to build the best team possible

Looking to improve the human resources all the time

Act as its our day 1

Keeping the same energy since the early days of the company’s establishment

Taking risks to improve

Trying new projects ahead of the industry

Being creative and keeping it simple

Set high standards

Aiming for the best possible result for everybody

Providing an all-around great experience

Evaluating our performance critically

Communicate for the better

Being honest and open for discussions with each other

Giving and getting feedbacks all the time

Talking with customers as we’re one of them and they’re one of us

Creating a team environment with every single shareholder